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We don't know anything about shipping, that is your area of expertise.  What we do know is how to create a comfortable climate in differing environments.  We also know a great deal about the needs of the maritime industry after supplying cruise liners, vessels and supply boats with heating products for many years.  Furthermore, we believe we can introduce new ideas to some of you with the use of air curtains, which effectively prevents cold or hot air from leaking in through the entrance.

Store rooms and workshops
Fan heaters are commonly used to create comfort in the large and unsealed parts of the ship such as store rooms and workshops.  Fan heaters are efficient and practical and provide fast heating.

Navigation bridge and cabins
Smaller, limited areas like the navigation bridge and cabins are often heated with radiators.  Radiators are compact and efficient and have a low surface temperature.

Just as everywhere else, an opening at a ship not only lets people and vehicles in, but also chilly or hot air, pollutions and dampness.  With the use of air curtains an invisible door is created that only lets people and vehicles in.

On land
The comfort demands and challenges of a warehouse or a shipping store located in a harbour area do not differ that much from any other warehouse or commercial building.  We have more than 30 years experience of solving heating problems.


Ulstein Group AS is one of the world's foremost suppliers of advanced vessels.  Their new Bourbon Orca won the "Engineering achievement of the year" 2005.  To be nominated the innovation should have significance for the national economy and be a solution for a technical or social problem.  Bourbon Orca was christened and ready for delivery in June 2006.  Fan heater Elektra V heats the new ship.  They chose the good quality and it's no drawback that the fan heaters also look nice, says Ronny Barslett, department manager at Ulstein Elektro AS.  The most apparent innovation of Boubon Orca is the design.  Together with improved safety in the anchor handling process and a diesel-electric propulsion system for the first time on an anchor handling ship, the new Bourbon Orca shows improvements in regards of safety, environment, comfort, efficiency, fuel economy and sea performance.

Stena Line is an international transport and travel service company and one of the world's largest ferry operators.  Stena Jutlandica sails between Sweden and Denmark three times a day and it spends only 45 minutes at the quay before it leaves again.  A long unheated passabe way leads up to the foot passenger entrance.  Earlier cold air was leaking in through the opening which created a draughty entrance hall.  "We could not close the doors as passengers get on and off the boat constantly.  Besides, we want it to look open." says Ingemar Sorensson, Stena Line Scandinavia AB.  The solution was to install an air curtain to prevent the intrusion of cold or hot air and create comfort inside the opening.  To handle the vibrations at sea, the air curtain was reinforced at the factory.  It was a relatively small alteration of a standard unit and the air curtain was compact enough to fit under the door when it is uplifted to let passengers pass.  Stena Line transports approximately 17 million passengers and 3,2 million cars every year.  The route network comprises 18 stategically located routes in Scandinavia and around UK.  Stena Line has a modern fleet of 36 vessels, consisting of fast ferries, traditional multi-purpose ferries, RoPax ferries for freight and passengers and RoRo ferries purely for freight.

On the ship
Fan heaters, compact radiators and floor heating are common heat sources on ships.  And for a good reason too.  We would like to introduce another excellent solution for creating comfort on ships:  air curtains.  Read more below:

Specialized products for the maritime environment

The Elektra range is especially designed for different demanding environments such as maritime applications.  The specialized construction includes motor and heating elements that are designed to withstand vibrations and have reinforced electrical insulation. 
Elektra is easy to control with built-in output selector and thermostat.  External control is also possible. 
Elektra is a quiet fan heater in a modern, stainless steel design.


Special features of maritime heaters:

  • All movable parts are anchored.
  • Reinforcements for an extra durable construction.
  • No leaking currents.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.  Can be easily operated and maintained by the ship's crew.
  • Approved by Det Norske Veritas.

ThermoWarm is a robust heater in a timeless design.  As an old servant, it is reliable and trustworthy.  With its compact size, ThermoWarm is suitable to use in cabins, offices, etc.

Complementary products for maritime applications

Air curtain AG-4000Air curtains
Air curtains prevent the mixing of different air temperatures in openings. 

Suitable to protect outdoor openings as well as openings to cold storages.

The pictures show the effect of a Thermozone air curtain placed between a cold and a warm zone in a laboratory (blue = 2°C, red = 20°C).  The laminar air flow is created by a well adjusted combination of air flow volume and air speed.  The testing was carried out by Malmo University, Sweden.

Application examples on ships

Storge Room, Bourbon Orca - Fan heater Elektra VPump Room, Malaviya Thirty - Fan heater Elektra V
Passenger Entrance, Stena Jutlandica - Air curtain AG4000 mounted above openingNavigation Bridge, Malaviya Thirty - ThermoWarm

Passenger Entrance, Stena Jutlandica - Air curtain AG4000Hospital, Malaviya Thirty - ThermoWarm

Application examples on ships .pdf (6,76 MB)



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