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A new range of high-efficiency sub-fractional horse power electronically commutated motors - ECM series.  This new generation of motors is specifically designed to satisfy the growing market demands of "energy saving", granting first-rate results in terms of efficiency and life expectancy.

The motor, totally enclosed in a thermoplastic housing, contributes to limiting external heat emission, which results in a particularly cool motor body during operation and hence generate a further energy savings.  Thanks to a special permanent lubrication system and based on laboratory tests, the life expectancy is approximately 30,000 hours for the Standard version and 60.000 hours for the Long Life version.

The ECM series is currently available in two single-speed versions, to be selected according to power requirements.

The ECM series motors may be universally applied, but are particularly suited to the refrigeration and ventilation industry, especially for refrigerated display cases, freezers, drink dispensers; they can be coupled with various types of fan blades, particularly axial fans with diameters up to 300 mm.

IP65 Standard / IP66 Long Life

The ECM IP65 and IP66 Series is a new product, derived from the well-known range of energy-saming motors and designed for operation in environments with high humidity or moisture.

The IP65 version comes with an O-ring to seal the rear plastic end-shield to the motor housing and moulded cable grommet, sleeve or ball-bearings and a new fan profile integrated with the internal weatherproof labyrinth.  

While the motor IP66 version, has a double-sided rubber sealed ball-bearings and cable exit fitted with an IP68 strain relief.

The electronic control unit is provided with various safety features:

  • Overload control funtion which switches the motor to standby mode if an external mechanical action causes the speed to drop below a preset level.
  • Locked rotor control function, which switches the motor to standby mode after twenty restart attempts, in case of fan blocked by icing or other reasons.
  • Auto-reset function, which allows the microprocessor to reset and restart the control fuctions, in cases of electrical interference or power supply fluctuations.
  • Self-diagnostics function during switch-on and switch-off.  In cases of ON/OFF alternative use, each cycles should be at least 20 seconds apart.
  • Power shut-down function in cases of microprocessor failure.


The continuous demand of higher performances has been the basic premise to develop a new version of electronically commutated motor that cansatisfy the market requests.  The new solution covers a wide range of aeraulic performances with smaller dimensions, keeping under control the motor efficiency.

Compared to the actual one, the motor presents the following features:

  • Better efficiency
  • Wider range of performances
  • Motor speed up to 2700 rpm
  • Better exploitation of electronic power and control
  • Several kinds of hardware and software protections

Technical Data:

  • 230V - 50Hz; 115-127V 50/60Hz motor
  • Protection rating IP65, IP66
  • Rotation speed:  1500 - 1600 - 1850 - 2200 rpm
  • Working temperature:  -40°C +55°C
  • Protection by hardware and software
  • Protection against electromagnetic disturbance in accordance with EMC
  • Standard EN60335-1; EN61000-3-2 +A1/A2; EN55014-1
  • Sleeve or ball bearings
  • Totally made of thermoplastic material with double insulation


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